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Cam Girlz

– Sound Editing/Design, Post Sound Mix, Soundtrack Mastering –

In February 2015, our good friend and frequent collaborator Sean Dunne gave birth to (what I’m calling) ‘fraternal twin’ feature documentaries: the masculine ‘Florida Man‘ and the feminine ‘Cam Girlz‘. While the two films are quite different thematically (and in construction), they are both similar in that they feature the voices of fascinating people who (for the most part) happily operate on the fringes of mainstream American society.

• Crew: Cass Greener (Producer), Sean Dunne (Director) Kathy Gatto (Editor), Isaac Bauman (Cinematographer), David Nyman (Composer), Evan P. Donohue (Composer)

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LA Weekly

Director’s Notes

CBC Radio

Film Courage

Walking Home

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Trailer (NSFW), teaser clips (NSFW), and the film itself (definitely NSFW) can be watched over at Vimeo On Demand:


• Soundtrack (Selections):