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Tashi’s Turbine

– Sound Editing/Design, Music Mastering, Post Sound Mix –

From Vacant Light Productions, a feature documentary about a quest to bring electricity to a remote village in Nepal.

After playing various film festivals around the world, the film’s broadcast premiere took place on PBS’s The World Channel on November 13, 2016.

5.1 Upmixing

– 5.1 Upmix  / Post Sound Mix –

I recently performed 5.1 Upmixing for two features by director Erik Peter Carlson (‘The Toy Soldiers‘ and ‘Wolf Mother‘).

The process involves taking a finalized stereo audio mix, then re-editing and re-mixing the elements into a 5.1 surround mix.

Cam Girlz

– Sound Editing/Design, Post Sound Mix, Soundtrack Mastering –

A very adult, feature-length look at D.I.Y. adult content creators.

• Crew: Cass Greener (Producer), Sean Dunne (Director) Kathy Gatto (Editor), Isaac Bauman (Cinematographer), David Nyman (Composer), Evan P. Donohue (Composer)

• Press:


LA Weekly

• Watch / Listen:

The full film (definitely mature content/NSFW) can be watched (for free) over at the Very Ape website.


• Soundtrack (Selections):

Florida Man

– Sound Editing, Post Sound Mix –

An extremely up-close and personal portrait of Floridian men. The kind you may have heard a story or two about.

• Crew: Cass Greener (Producer), Sean Dunne (Director), Kathy Gatto (Editor), Isaac Bauman (Cinematographer)

• Press:

Dangerous Minds

The Dissolve

Director’s Notes


• Watch / Listen:


Oxyana Soundtrack

– Music Mastering & Mixing –

Recorded and mixed by Evan P. Donahue (with director Sean Dunne) at Jonny Fritz’ house in Nashville (aka ‘The Fritz Carlton”) – the soundtrack to Oxyana is made up of performances by the Jonny Fritz band, featuring Deer Tick frontman John McCauley on guitar (‘Overture’) and vocals (‘Willow Garden’).

For both the film itself and the soundtrack, I handled mastering the tracks for release. The soundtrack features unedited versions and adds 3 bonus songs from the sessions, not heard in the film – first, an instrumental (edited & mixed by me) called ‘Cat Funeral’, second is a cover of Merle Haggard’s ‘Silver Wings’ performed by Josh Hedley, and last – a cover of the surf-rock classic ‘Sleepwalk’ performed by John McCauley.