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Posts tagged ‘Gramercy Post’

Weird Connections

– Sound Design, Editing-

Airing on Discovery’s Science Channel, Weird Connections is a documentary-style series that investigates the scientific connections between seemingly unrelated things. I contributed sound design for the show’s first season.

Access To Life

– Sound Editing, Mixing –

Produced by The Global Fund, “Access to Life” follows eight Magnum photographers documenting people in nine countries around the world before and four months after they began antiretroviral treatment for AIDS. Magnum In Motion created 9 short films to be shown as part of the exhibition. In collaboration with supervising sound editor Joel Raabe, I contributed sound editing and mixing work to the project. The films can be watched here.

The Next Big Bang

– Sound Design –

This History Channel documentary, hosted by particle physicist David Kaplan, follows the story (and theory) behind the construction of the “Large Hadron Collider” at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland. I contributed original effects for the film, in collaboration with the sound mixers at Gramercy Post. The film was produced by Silent Crow Arts.