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Posts tagged ‘Reality TV’

Pawn Stars & American Pickers: “America’s Favorite Series”

– Mixing –

For its two most popular shows, History Channel created a joint promotional campaign at the end of 2011, producing documentary-style spots that showcased the stars of both “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers” interacting with their fans on the streets of Las Vegas. For this project, I handled audio-post duties on deliverables for a variety of outlets (broadcast, web, and cinema). Below, you can watch the 2:00 cinema spot that played as part of NCM’s “First Look” program.

Top Gear (Season 2 Promo)

– Mixing, Sound Design, Music Editing –

The promo campaign for History Channel’s Top Gear (Season 2) was a lot of fun to work on, as the producers really wanted music and sound-design to take center stage (many of the shorter variations were music and sound-design only, no soundbites from the show). Below, you can see one of the 60-second broadcast spots.

Be Good Johnny Weir (Season One Promo)

– Mixing, Sound Design –

2010 commercial that I mixed for the premiere of Sundance’s reality series “Be Good Johnny Weir”.

Next Food Network Star

– Sound Editing, Mixing –

This reality competition follows contestants as they compete for the chance to star in their own show on the Food Network. I had the great pleasure to work as sound editor on the fourth season.

After The Catch

– Sound Editing, Mixing –

Discovery Channel’s “After The Catch” is a roundtable, documentary-style show that features the captains of “Deadliest Catch” recounting their favorite maritime war-stories and behind-the-scenes details. In collaboration with Gramercy Post, I provided sound editing and mixing work for season 2 of the show.