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Posts tagged ‘Reality’

Tashi’s Turbine

– Sound Editing/Design, Music Mastering, Post Sound Mix –

From Vacant Light Productions, a feature documentary about a quest to bring electricity to a remote village in Nepal.

After playing various film festivals around the world, the film’s broadcast premiere took place on PBS’s The World Channel on November 13, 2016.

Ace: The Gas Station Cowboy

– Sound Editing, Music Mastering, Post Sound Mix –

From the folks at Brigade Visual Support; a vignette on music, love, and awareness.

Cam Girlz

– Sound Editing/Design, Post Sound Mix, Soundtrack Mastering –

A very adult, feature-length look at D.I.Y. adult content creators.

• Crew: Cass Greener (Producer), Sean Dunne (Director) Kathy Gatto (Editor), Isaac Bauman (Cinematographer), David Nyman (Composer), Evan P. Donohue (Composer)

• Press:


LA Weekly

• Watch / Listen:

The full film (definitely mature content/NSFW) can be watched (for free) over at the Very Ape website.


• Soundtrack (Selections):


– Sound Design & Mix –

A short doc on bartender Steve Schneider. Part of Bacardi’s “Untameable” campaign.

• Crew: Cass Greener (Producer), Sean Dunne (Director) Kathy Gatto (Editor), Isaac Bauman (Cinematographer), David Nyman (Composer)

(update) In February 2015, it was announced that this video is a finalist for a British Arrow Award.

• Watch / Listen:

American Juggalo

– Mixing, Production Sound Recording –

In this documentary short, director Sean Dunne takes us inside the world of the Juggalos – an intriguing American subculture who meet once a year at a music festival called “The Gathering of the Juggalos“. As Bob Lefsetz put it, the Gathering represents “an endless carnival of the disenfranchised. An underbelly pushed under the rug, joining together to have a good time.” I had the great pleasure of recording the production audio for the film as well as handling the mix in post. Since its release, the film has gone on to become a viral sensation. You can watch the entire documentary below (note: there is a good deal of strong language and instances of brief nudity in the film – it is not appropriate for children to watch).