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Cam Girlz

– Sound Editing/Design, Post Sound Mix, Soundtrack Mastering –

In February 2015, our good friend and frequent collaborator Sean Dunne gave birth to (what I’m calling) ‘fraternal twin’ feature documentaries: the masculine ‘Florida Man‘ and the feminine ‘Cam Girlz‘. While the two films are quite different thematically (and in construction), they are both similar in that they feature the voices of fascinating people who (for the most part) happily operate on the fringes of mainstream American society.

• Crew: Cass Greener (Producer), Sean Dunne (Director) Kathy Gatto (Editor), Isaac Bauman (Cinematographer), David Nyman (Composer), Evan P. Donohue (Composer)

• Press:



LA Weekly

Director’s Notes

CBC Radio

Film Courage

Walking Home

• Watch / Listen:

Trailer (NSFW), teaser clips (NSFW), and the film itself (definitely NSFW) can be watched over at Vimeo On Demand:


• Soundtrack (Selections):


-Post Production Sound Mix-

In December 2013, I mixed a series of spots for Shell Rotella motor oil.

Below, you can see one of the 0:30 spots from the campaign.



-Post Production Sound Editing, Design & Mix-

Sean Dunne’s debut feature-length documentary, “Oxyana” is an intimate portrait of a small West Virginian town that has been fighting a losing battle with addiction to prescription pills.

“Oxyana” was selected to premiere in the World Documentary competition at the 2013 TriBeCa Film Festival on April 19th, 2013. It went on to win the prize for Best New Documentary Director as well as a Special Jury Mention for Best Documentary.

Watch the trailer for the film below.


The Atlantic magazine has a short excerpt from the film here.

Oxyana is available for rental/download on:



Vimeo On Demand

Press Links/Further Reading:

Thompson On Hollywood [Maggie Lange]

The Daily Beast [Marlow Stern]

The Hollywood Reporter [John DeFore]

Buzzfeed [Louis Peltzman]

Vikings (Season One Promo)

-Mixing, Sound Design-

History Channel’s new drama, “Vikings” premiered in March 2013 to critical acclaim and strong ratings (a second season of the show was quickly announced). Throughout the launch, I mixed a variety of spots and promo material for the a show – including pieces for Direct TV, a presentation for Wondercon 2013, and 18 interstitial behind-the-scenes clips that aired with the show.

Here is one of the interstitials, featuring show creator Michael Hirst:

And here is one of the Direct TV spots:

Pawn Stars & American Pickers: “America’s Favorite Series”

– Mixing –

For its two most popular shows, History Channel created a joint promotional campaign at the end of 2011, producing documentary-style spots that showcased the stars of both “Pawn Stars” and “American Pickers” interacting with their fans on the streets of Las Vegas. For this project, I handled audio-post duties on deliverables for a variety of outlets (broadcast, web, and cinema). Below, you can watch the 2:00 cinema spot that played as part of NCM’s “First Look” program.